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- How long does it take to print? - Card thickness comparison? - Getting rich black? - Difference between 300 lpi and 500 lpi - Why is vector better than PhotoShop, JPEG or Bitmap files? - What if my file is not in CMYK? - Can you gaurantee colour matching? - Can I get a physical proof? - Choosing cards that don’t leave finger prints? - Durable, waterproof and can sanitize cards? - Proofing? - Production times? - Shipping or pick-up? - Artwork type? - Can we design for you? - Can I get samples sent to me? - What if I don’t like what I get? Q: How long does it take to print? A: Each of our pages on our product page will show print/production time. Print time is from the day you approve the proof. Let’s say you approve the proof after 12 noon, well we consider that proof to have come-in the next business day. Business days are Monday - Friday for our production team. Q: Card thickness comparison? A: 8 pt. is similar to a 110 lb index or very light card. A majority of photocopiers will only print a maximum of 10-12 pt. Most of our stock is 14 pt. to 49 pt. thick. 16 pt. is what we normally recommend as a good and sturdy thickness. 16 pt. is about ½ the thickness of a credit card. 32 pt. is credit card thickness. So this will help you gauge the thickness of the card. Q: Getting a rich black? A: We recommend CMYK values of 60-40-40-100 Q: Difference between 300 lpi vs 500 lpi A: Our premium print quality is 500 lpi. If your file is a vector a 300 lpi will show you little pixels on the letters and images. If your file is vector and is printed on a 500 lpi, then it is virtually how you see it in a magazine. Clean and clear text. There is a clear difference. Q: Why is vector better than bitmap files like PhotoShop, JPEG, PNG, etc? A: Since all our print products are printed on a high quality systems, it is always better to have your files in vector. Programs like Corel, XAR, Adobe illustrator are all vector based programs. Q: What is my file is not in CMYK? A: If you can’t save your file in CMYK, then our hi-tech machines will automatically adjust the file for CMYK. The problem is that you are trusting technology to fix your file. 95% can’t tell the difference, but there are a few that will prefer to have the file print exactly as given. Q: Can you match do colour matching? A: Technology has advanced incredibly and there are so many variable. Example, you may be viewing your artwork on a bright computer screen or phone and see it differently. Even-though virtually everyone is amazed at the quality, you have to understand that if you have a blue colour where the colour mix of CYAN and YELLOW are within 20%, then it could shift a little either way. So to be safe, we don’t gaurantee colour match. Q: Can I get a physical proof? A: On a lot of basic items, we do offer this service. There is a charge associated with this and the proof takes about 7 business days. Q: Which cards don’t leave finger prints? A: Technically if your fingers are wet or oily, every paper will leave a finger print. If you have a design background, textured image background or even a white background, you most likely won’t even see it. If you have a deep black, solid dark colours, then it will show. Normally the ones with matte finish will be less likely to show this, but high gloss will. Q: Durable, waterproof and can be sanitized cards? A: Our company is one that offers a host of products that are prefect for these times. Silk laminated business cards can easily be wiped from the top. All our other finishes like matte, high gloss also have a water resistant coating on top. But our plastic card, PVC, durable cards and metal cards are very popular. Since they are 100% waterproof, tear resistant and can be sanitized. In today’s time we find these are priceless. Q: Proofing? Take this process very seriously. A: Our team invest a lot of time creating proofs to make sure you understand how the item will be printed, go over the specification and give you a chance to see the item being printed. We strong urge everyone to make sure to double check this. All our products are very expensive to create, so it is important that they are done right the first time. If you are not sure of what it is, there is an area on the proof where you can reject it and ask a question. Do not call or chat, all questions on the proof portal is answered by our technicians and pre-press teams. Plus keeping a paper trail is important. Q: Production times? A: We are very fast at what we do. 90% of the time we are ahead of schedule in production. But due to Covid-19, the social distancing, sanitizing make things extremely challenging. Virtually all shipping companies have removed their delivery guarantees, but like us they work very hard in keeping to their fast timing. Q: Shipping or Pick-up? A: We ship virtually anywhere, but if you are in Burlington, ON. You can request a no-contact pick-up. There are no people there, just our AI system. Yes, really cool and safe. Q: Artwork type? A: We recommend PDF’s high resolution files. You can follow our set-up tips and download our guideline templates to assist you in setting-up your file. Our email team is available 7 days a week to any assistance. Q: Can we design for you? A: If you don’t have a designer, we do offer design services. We give you several choices: 1. No-release - This is a subsidized program. We give you a fixed price but do not release the file to you. Next time you order, we can use this file. If you have change like just a name change or name and address change, there is only a small change price. 2. A-La-Carte - This is like any designer. You pay per hour and take as long as you want. If you are focused the cost is good, but if you are not, it can be pricey. Up side is that when you finish, we will release the full file to you so that you can use it virtually anywhere. 3. A-La-Carte Creative - This is popular is larger corporations. We an do branding for you. Our team can provide direction and consultation on various projects. Since we do so many different things, this service is priceless. Q: What if I get my product and I simply don’t like it? A: Our products are all very expensive to create. If it is an error on our part or the item is not cut correctly or not according to our specification on the proof, well we will be more than happy to re-print it.