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PLAK-IT® We can can Plak in several different ways. You can bring us your print item or simply send us an your picture or file and we do the rest. Placking up to 4 feet by 8 ft. Digital same day Plaks up to 8”x10”.
NEW! We now offer traditional polymer rubber stamp and real rubber stamp! 24 hour rush on some items.
NEW 3D LENTICULAR PRINTING for business cards, postcards, danglers and 14 other types! Wooden Business Cards, New Card Finishes, NEW Pure Black and Deep Red Sued Cards, Invites and Folders! NEW same day extreme rush rubber stamps. NEW enhanced bindery division to give you what seemed to be impossible before. We have expanded 2X for 2019 and still growing. Experience why so many love us! NEW 3D bubble and textured caps, t-shirt placement! Techology pushed to a new era!
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