PHOTO PLATES & CUSTOM DINNER SETTINGS These are great to place on mantle or showcase. Memories are make to last a long time. Have virtually anything imprinted in the area. You can simply send us your image and we will trim, crop and make it fit. Beautiful ceramic plate with gold foil trim or our amazing English style metal plate with embossing all around. You can order just one!
As Low As $19.95
10” Plate Image area is 6”
As Low As $24.95
As Low As $24.95
Quick Photo / Logo Imprinting
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8” Plate Image area is 3.75”
6”x4”” Ellipse Oval Plate
Price and Production Times Prices are in Canadian Dollars Basic setup is FREE on this product.
4 Days
1 Day Order by 12 noon and ready next day at 2 pm.
10” Gold Rim Comes with Stand
8” Gold Rim Comes with Stand
Silver Ellipse Plate Comes with a Stand
LOCATION Free Setup Option 1: Setup yourself in your favorite program and send us a PDF or a JPEG. Option 2: Send us up to 5 images and let our team setup a collage at our discretion. We can crop and setup at no extra charge.NOW IT’S EASIER THEN EVER TO ORDER!
Experience why so many use us and love our amazing quality! Ceramic plates and Metal plates Printed in full colour process FREE set-up FREE image cropping Ellipse Oval Plate: Displaying only Gold rim ceramic plates: Hand wash only Dinner setting ceramic plates: Hand wash only.
Instead of a photo, you can place a logo, monogram or a saying. Make them look the way you want them to.
NEW Ceramic Dinner Plates In 2 sizes: 14” and 8” Place a monogram, logo or a picture. Dishwasher Safe!
Price and Production Times Ceramic Dinner Plates Production time: 7-10 Business Days
2 People
4 People
6 People
8 People
14” Dinner Plates
56 ea.
45 ea.
42 ea.
39 ea.
8” Dinner Plates
32 ea.
21 ea.
18 ea.
16 ea.
Pair Includes: One 14” + One 8”
Secure Order Form CONTACT INFO + CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCT + UPLOAD YOUR FILE + PAY These are all created in-house, so we take a lot of care in making them look great. If there are any issues with your image, we will tell you.
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Valentine’s Day PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE! All created in Burlington, ON! - Place a photo or virtully anything on them.